There has been a recent national epidemic of reports of people in clown masks committing assaults, issuing threats, and generally “creeping out” members of the public. While most have been unsubstantiated, reports concerning clowns have been pouring into police agencies at an alarming rate. The Initial Sightings and Reports The first report that gained national […]Continue reading

A trial for someone accused of assaulting a police officer usually consists of: A police officer testifying as the victim A defendant testifying in his own defense A judge making a finding of guilt or innocence Not surprisingly, when the judge has to decide between a defendant’s word against an officer’s, the defendant usually loses. […]Continue reading

Earlier this summer, in our very own Washington, DC, a transgender woman was assaulted for using the restroom in a Giant Food grocery store on H Street NE. The assailant, Francine Jones, was working as a security guard for the grocery store. Jones saw the woman, Ebony Belcher, go into the women’s restroom. Jones followed […]Continue reading